Manhattan Beach: A Novel


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Manhattan Beach: A Novel

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ElleAnna Kerrigan, nearly twelve years old, accompanies her father to visit Dexter Styles, a man who, she gleans, is crucial to the survival of her father and her family. She is mesmerized by the sea beyond the house and by some charged mystery between the two men. ‎

Years later, her father has disappeared and the country is at war. Anna works at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, where women are allowed to hold jobs that once belonged to men, now soldiers abroad. She becomes the first female diver, the most dangerous and exclusive of occupations, repairing the ships that will help America win the war.

One evening at a nightclub, she meets Dexter Styles again, and begins to understand the complexity of her father’s life, the reasons he might have vanished.

With the atmosphere of a noir thriller, Egan’s first historical novel follows Anna and Styles into a world populated by gangsters, sailors, divers, bankers, and union men.

Manhattan Beach is a deft, dazzling, propulsive exploration of a transformative moment in the lives and identities of women and men, of America and the world. It is a magnificent novel by the author of A Visit from the Goon Squad, one of the great writers of our time.

Winner of the 2018 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Fiction

A New York Times Bestseller


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NPR: Positive
Manhattan Beach is more linear than Goon Squad or The Keep. But it has the same knack for drawing readers into the characters' minute and painful complications, and the same habit of treating time both as a narrative playground and as a looming hazard.
Star Tribune: Positive
...that artifice and experience invariably merge, and we witness the full reach of Egan’s writing. “The strange, violent, beautiful sea. … It touched every part of the world, a glittering curtain drawn over a mystery.”
Toronto Star: Positive
The dialogue occasionally reads as if it was lifted from a snappy 1930s gangster film, and there are a number of historical details that stick in the mind like half-digested chunks of research, but otherwise Egan pulls off a rare feat: delivering an intellectually and emotionally engaging work of historical fiction.
Globe and Mail: Positive
Manhattan Beach ticks every box when it comes to traditional blockbuster reader enjoyment. Although this entertaining Hollywood tone risks delivering us caricatures, each player in this drama – from gangster, to sailor, to daughter, to husband, to lover – has a genuine depth...
The Maine Edge: Positive
At its heart, “Manhattan Beach” is a story about love. About its resilience and its long memory. About the joys and fears that come with it. About the pride and the shame. It is a story that captures beautifully not just a time and a place, but a state of mind unique to a brief period in American history. Easily one of the best books of the year.